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Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot Deck – Logo Back Cards


Embracing all of the traditional images with contemporary additions, this deck currently comprises 115 cards – there are two images for each of the Major Arcana, plus 12 Archangels (115 cards – 78 + 22 + 15 = 115.).

Supplied in a presentation box and lid, the deck can be used more effectively in conjunction with the Tarot Symbols Handbook, available in Books category.

The cards all have the “logo” back design (Bottle Back design no longer available)


While this deck was commissioned in 2010 by Aura-Soma ** principal Mike Booth and is distributed world-wide under the auspices of ASPL (UK) Ltd, this Tarot deck may be used to excellent effect by traditional readers also – in fact with 34 extra cards the deck offers another dimension to the reading.

** All Aura-Soma students and teachers should contact an A-S distributor in order to obtain supply of this product, as per the contract in force between ASPL (UK) Ltd and Grail Graphics Ltd