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Ascended Master Print: St Germain


A4 laminated print ST GERMAIN: the Lilac Flame Master


ST GERMAIN: the Lilac Flame Master

Healing, meditation, transformation

Transforms negative feelings into more positive, useable and spiritual energy

Helps care-givers detach and step outside themselves, allowing the energies to simply come through

Clears up unresolved emotional problems

St Germaine under other names in various incarnations was a playwright, artist, musician, alchemist, magician and Count; the knowledge and power behind constitutions, a guide to great teachers

Behind him a doorway for which he holds the key, opening on to a bridge between worlds

The open door has a handle decorated with the theatrical masks of comedy and tragedy, hinting at his involvement in the Shakespearian plays

His fine jewels and clothes remind one of his Venetian days, and his ability to refine jewels by his own energy…the violet flame of transmutation

With his baton he did indeed conduct orchestras as well as the affairs of nations, their revolutions and constitutions…

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