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Ascended Master Print: Maha Chohan


A4 laminated print MAHA CHOHAN: the Pale Turquoise Master


MAHA CHOHAN: the Pale Turquoise Master

Head of the feminine pillar, this is the master of the yin principle

Opening from the Ananda Kanda centre,the turquoise angelic wings spread in cosmic consciousness, linking all time, space, knowledge, lost cultures, beings and collective consciousness

Chakra colours light up through the body, with the Earth above the head and a cosmic spiral beyond that again

Connecting pathways tie them all together

The central face is blissful and conscious

Angelic beings work within the body – communicating and glowing with colour and form

Maha Chohan is regarded as the greatest teacher, and the only master thought not to have incarnated

Truly the energy of this age

Single print. Get a set of 14 laminated prints here.


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