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Ascended Master Print: Lady Nada


A4 laminated print LADY NADA: the Pale Pink Master of Unconditional Love


LADY NADA: the Pale Pink Master of Unconditional Love

Her hair swirls around her in an etheric merging of light, sound and love

The pure love of the divine hole Mother clears away negative emotions.

Brings balance and harmony between male & female, inner and outer relationships

Helps one with soul identity

Nada” literally means “nothing” – also “the heartbeat of the Absolute” or “the sound of Power”

Om, Aum…

She plucks or holds the harp string – sound or no sound

The Om symbol adorns her ear

As unconditional love she is the essence and meaning of life

As the Queen of Swords she is crowned with jewels and flowers

Rubies, Tourmalines, Rose Quartz, with two petals at her third eye

Adorning her dress and throat are butterflies of air, happiness, communication, fleeting perfection, beauty, metamorphosis and spiritual transformation

Her harp is decorated with the Virgin Mary and child, the moon at their feet – an embodiment of Lady Nada.

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