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Ascended Master Print: Kathumi


A4 laminated print KATHUMI: the Pale Yellow Master


KATHUMI: the Pale Yellow Master

Like the sun rising in the sky – alive, joyous, vibrating and connected, Kuthumi is at one with the angels, nature and the devas, and is adorned with gemstones of Topaz and Citrine

Positive energies for the future. Enlightenment and self knowledge

Empathetic relationships at all levels

Helps you find your place between Heaven and Earth

Triangles crown this King of Swords from hiss previous incarnation as Pythagoras. Renowned for his clarity of mind and perfect body, his majesty and power could cause ecstasy or despair to his disciples

Kuthumi’s life as St Francis was more austere yet still with the ecstatic rewards and connectedness to all things in thee natural world

The painting spirals from the solar plexus – the yellow chakra. Butterflies place it within the Air element – joyous, transitory, communicative, beautiful and ethereal. The number 6 is symbolised by the double triangle bringing Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven

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