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Ascended Master Print: Hilarion


A4 laminated print HILARION: The Pale Green Master – “the way, the truth and the light”


HILARION: The Pale Green Master – “the way, the truth and the light”

Brings in direction and a new space – the space in which to find oneself and remember the soul, it’s knowledge and peace

Protects against earthly pollution and inner/outer deception of the soul

Related to concrete science – as befitting his Saturnian associations

Once incarnated as Saul of Tarsus and probably later as St Hilarion, a Christian monk who lived in Egypt and Cyprus

Hugging a tree, Hilarion is accepting being here at this time and place, and his life is paralleled by the Tree of Life on the hill in the background

His Way (truth and light) connects the trees and his heart chakra

Two circles: “as above, so below”

He is also the Green Man of old – earth-connected, observer, protector, son or lover of the Earth Mother, and now as the Rainbow Warrior; calling on us collectively to participate in cleaning the environment.

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