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Ascended Master Print: El Morya


A4 laminated print EL MORYA: the Pale Blue Master


EL MORYA: the Pale Blue Master

Peace and openness – like blue sky on a clear day

BEING and offering oneself to the Higher Self’s purpose

Thy will be done”

The First Manifestation. The Law of Light. The strength of Will that enables one to align with the inner source and ones own purpose and authority.

Peace and openness in all things. Abundant energy

The enlightened blue radiates from the throat chakra, as the solar logos rises from the Grail

Waters overflow in five rivulets (representing thee five physical senses) onto the earth below, just as the Aquarius water bearer pours out the waters of consciousness

In the beginning was the Word. The cosmic womb

The vision manifests through a Madorla – as in the Vesica Pisces

This shape has been known as the vagina of the Goddess and later as the fish of Christ – the opening through which matter and spirit are born

Through the crown chakra the dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit, blesses

El Morya and the viewer

In a gesture of offering, the hands support the Earth

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