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Ascended Master Print: Serapis Bey


A4 laminated print SERAPIS BEY – the Clear Pearl Master


SERAPIS BEY – the Clear Pearl Master

Brings clarity of vision, seeing things in a new fresh way

Provides depth of understanding into conflict, pain and suffering

Helps one to let go, overcome the past and cleanse on any level


Serapis – serpent – a name given to priests; worn by pharaohs; Kundalini energy and it’s power of connection and transformation

Shedding old skin to become new again

Ancient symbol of Wisdom, evolutionary progress

The way to Nirvana


Buddhist teachings meld with the Egyptian imagery: mask, ceremonial beard, non-attachment – tears to pearls…


Clear light holds all the colours of the Chakras and flows like a fountain from the crown

The hand gestures in absolution…

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