113 Cassiel-tarot-card
Cassiel Tarot Card

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114 Raguel-tarot-card
Raguel Tarot Card

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Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot Deck – Logo Back Cards

Embracing all of the traditional images with contemporary additions, this deck currently comprises 120 cards:

There are two images for each of the Major Arcana, plus 16 Archangels (119 Cards: 78 + 22 + 17 + 3 = 120).

The deck can be used more effectively in conjunction with the Tarot Symbols Handbook, available in Books category.

Now supplied in a beautiful custom-made velvet draw-string bag in blue & gold to match the Tarot cards.

The cards all have the “logo” back design (Bottle Back design no longer available)

Logo Back cards 0-112; Blue-back cards 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 & 119


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Tarot-Symbols-Handbook: Pamela Matthews: Grail Graphics - Visionary Surrealism, Spiritual Art, Symbolism, Archetypes
Tarot Symbols Handbook

Easy to follow commentary and dictionary of symbols from the artist of the Aura-Soma Tarot.

Includes an extensive Dictionary of Symbols plus Spread suggestions.

November 2021: New eighth edition in full colour up to Persephone B120 ;

Wiro bound to lie-flat

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