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Mary Magdalene Art Book
Mary Magdalene
13 Stations of her Life

An icon of feminine spirituality, Mary Magdalene lived a life of training, trials, love, care, service and miracles…

Featuring 12 new paintings by Pamela (never seen before)

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Visions from the Grail

A collection of 60 of Pamela’s favourite paintings from the years working at the property called ‘The Grail’ – also the trade name of Richard and Pamela’s company

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Art of the Soul

A collection of 22 Esoteric paintings produced full page in compatible pairs…

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Eyes to See

A revised full colour 2019 version of Pamela’s first book.

Follows her spiritual and artistic journey for her first 10 years of Fine Art;

Originally published by the Tauhara Trust 1983

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Soulmates how to find a partner
Soul Mates – How to Find One

Are you looking for a soul mate? This book is for you!

Originally a workshop manual, now updated in full colour, it explains the range of techniques Pamela used to attract a spiritually compatible man into her life.

A love story that’s true, and on-going!  Now in new hardback edition.


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