Pamela Matthews - Grail Graphics - Serapis Bey
Ascended Master Print: Serapis Bey

A4 laminated print SERAPIS BEY – the Clear Pearl Master

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Pamela Matthews - Grail Graphics - The Christ
Ascended Master Print: The Christ

A4 laminated print THE CHRIST: the Ruby Red and Crystal Master

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Aura-Soma New Aeon Tarot Deck – Logo Back Cards

Embracing all of the traditional images with contemporary additions, this deck currently comprises 120 cards:

There are two images for each of the Major Arcana, plus 16 Archangels (119 Cards: 78 + 22 + 17 + 3 = 120).

The deck can be used more effectively in conjunction with the Tarot Symbols Handbook, available in Books category.

Now supplied in a beautiful custom-made velvet draw-string bag in blue & gold to match the Tarot cards.

The cards all have the “logo” back design (Bottle Back design no longer available)

Logo Back cards 0-112; Blue-back cards 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 & 119


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72-Angels-of-the-Kabbala: Pamela Matthews: Grail Graphics - Visionary Surrealism, Spiritual Art, Symbolism, Archetypes
72 Angels of the Kabbalah Book + Cards

To the best of our knowledge, this heavenly collection is illustrated for the first time ever here in Pamela’s book.

Identify your Incarnation and Heart Angels from your date of birth, your Intellect angel from the time of your birth

In full colour throughout; Wiro bound for lie-flat reference

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