Draw Yourself a Tree Book

This drawing exercise proved to be the most popular segment of numerous Art Therapy workshops given by Pamela all around the world over the past 25 years.

No drawing ability required – just bring honesty and an open mind to the process and you may be surprised (many have been amazed) at the results you produce.

Revised, updated and now in full colour. Now in new hardback edition.

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Mary Magdalene Art Book
Mary Magdalene
13 Stations of her Life

An icon of feminine spirituality, Mary Magdalene lived a life of training, trials, love, care, service and miracles…

Featuring 12 new paintings by Pamela (never seen before)

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Visions from the Grail

A collection of 60 of Pamela’s favourite paintings from the years working at the property called ‘The Grail’ – also the trade name of Richard and Pamela’s company

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Art of the Soul

A collection of 22 Esoteric paintings produced full page in compatible pairs…

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Eyes to See

A revised full colour 2019 version of Pamela’s first book.

Follows her spiritual and artistic journey for her first 10 years of Fine Art;

Originally published by the Tauhara Trust 1983

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Soulmates how to find a partner
Soul Mates – How to Find One

Are you looking for a soul mate? This book is for you!

Originally a workshop manual, now updated in full colour, it explains the range of techniques Pamela used to attract a spiritually compatible man into her life.

A love story that’s true, and on-going!  Now in new hardback edition.


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Tarot-Symbols-Handbook: Pamela Matthews: Grail Graphics - Visionary Surrealism, Spiritual Art, Symbolism, Archetypes
Tarot Symbols Handbook

Easy to follow commentary and dictionary of symbols from the artist of the Aura-Soma Tarot.

Includes an extensive Dictionary of Symbols plus Spread suggestions.

June 2023: New ninth edition in full colour up to Poseidon B122

Wiro bound to lie-flat

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72-Angels-of-the-Kabbala: Pamela Matthews: Grail Graphics - Visionary Surrealism, Spiritual Art, Symbolism, Archetypes
72 Angels of the Kabbalah Book + Cards

To the best of our knowledge, this heavenly collection is illustrated for the first time ever here in Pamela’s book.

Identify your Incarnation and Heart Angels from your date of birth, your Intellect angel from the time of your birth

In full colour throughout; Wiro bound for lie-flat reference

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