Congratulations! You’ve Reached The Grail…

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Grail-symbol-for-introductiThis has been Richard’s opening greeting on our answer-phone for years – and no doubt people wonder why we use this powerful and sacred symbol.

Firstly we have a property called The Grail – a bowl or dish-shaped valley in rainforest north-west of Auckland where we lived until three years ago. The Grail quest has been brought into new focus with revelations in popular books and novels of the hidden meanings beyond ‘looking for the cup used in the last supper’, but before all else the Grail represents the womb of creativity, the birthing place of all that is created.The most primal point of feminine spirituality.

In this painting I have included the Tree of Life (another symbol of the Great Mother) and the Grail sits on the pregnant belly of a reclining figure. Accessing this doorway to the Divine has been my quest through the paintings.


P.S. This is one of 28 images in the Goddesses of the New Light Divination card deck…and in effect represents them all