Archangel Israfel

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Archangel Israfel by Pamela Matthews
The images for the Aura-Soma Tarot I painted over ten years ago. There were 102 cards to match the Aura-Soma bottles. From time to time a new bottle was ‘born’ with the energy of another archangel.

We are now up to card and bottle number 112, a beautiful Turquoise/mid-tone and Royal Blue combination for which I have painted Israfel to be printed and become an add-on card for the deck.

Israfel is a four-faced six-winged seraphim angel embodying love, light and fire – able to communicate to the soul with music and song. A trumpet blower to awaken deeper levels.
With four faces (one looking backwards and not visible in the painting) Israfel has both male and female qualities and ancient connection with several different traditions.

In Islam Israfel means ‘The Burning One’.

If you would like more information, the Aura-Soma site will provide more details in an article by Mike Booth.

Meanwhile the printer is transforming my painting into cards and here you have a preview of the painting (which is acrylic on canvas) about A3 size.

May Archangel Israfel help reveal your talents to the world…

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