How many angels can dance on the head of a Pin?

This medieval riddle has been debated for hundreds of years. Here are two interesting answers: Between 1 and 30 vigintillion (The comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) We are reminded that ‘an angel is not corporeal and that for an angel … Read More

Congratulations! You’ve Reached The Grail…

This has been Richard’s opening greeting on our answer-phone for years – and no doubt people wonder why we use this powerful and sacred symbol. Firstly we have a property called The Grail – a bowl or dish-shaped valley in … Read More

What is a Soul Mate

It is someone to whom you relate at a soul or spiritual level, as distinct from physical, mental or emotional levels. There are any number of people you can have a close physical relationship with, a lesser number with whom … Read More

New Website

Welcome to our new website with a bright new look and easy access for you Due to our lack of I.T. savvy, Richard and I had little to do with the previous site apart from following your responses and requests … Read More