What is a Soul Mate

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Reconcilliation of the Sexes
Reconciliation of the Sexes

It is someone to whom you relate at a soul or spiritual level, as distinct from physical, mental or emotional levels. There are any number of people you can have a close physical relationship with, a lesser number with whom you are mentally and/or emotionally compatible; and relatively few potential ‘Soul-Mates’. A Soul-Mate is a person to whom you are drawn in order to fulfil a karmic arrangement.

This may be a debt, a teaching I learning experience, and exchange, cosmic purpose or gift. The expression ‘Soul-Mates’ usually refers to couples and indeed, Soul-Mates are often lovers -but they can be members of your family, friends and business associates.

Most of us will have had an experience with people similar to that of deja vu with regard to place-when meeting someone for the first time there is an inherent sense of having known them before; or perhaps even a disconcertingly strong feeling of attraction or antipathy. Such ‘recognition’ experiences may be clues to the ancient conundrums of reincarnation and the associated Iaw of karma.

The Pocket Oxford as noun: The inunaterial part of man regarded as immortal or as subject to salvation and damnation or as animating the body or as existing independently of it or as the true self. That the soul is undying clearly implies that it has been alive before. Given that this is so, is it not possible that it has animated other bodies of our other lifetimes.

The idea that the individual soul is reborn many times on a journey of spiritual evolution towards ultimate re-unification with the Godhead is fundamental to most eastern religions and has been so for thousands of years. Karma may be regarded as the inter-relation between all that exists, a universal law of causation-“as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. The circumstances of any given incamation appropriately reflect past actions. Soul-Mates are kindred spirits who choose to incamate together lifetime after lifetime. So the passionate intensity of the attraction you felt for a complete stranger is not so unreasonable -you may well have encountered a former lover.

Listen to the following excerpt from “A Creed’ by John Masefield -read it aloud, ~ There are two stages to this process: Stage 1: Preparing Yourself. If you are still encumbered with unresolved feelings from a past relationship, you may simply attract a repeat perfom1ance. 1. Clean out the basement. Find a way to release subconscious ‘stuff. Resentments, guilt, emotional bonding etc.

There are many techniques to aid this letting-go. See that your situation is perfect for the next chapter in your life. 2. Sort out the attic. Know what you want so that you are not sending conflicting messages. Make lists of what you want and what you have to offer. Adjust as necessary and read every day. 3. Learn to know and love yourself. If you don’t love you, then you’ll never respect anyone else who does.’ 4. Tune up you loving. Open your heart to all around you -friends, animals, plants. When you feel love, amplify it and give it to the universe. 5. Give, Give, Give. Create a karmic credit rating.