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Sophia Peace-through-Wisdom

Pamela was pleased to allow the use of the Goddess image “Sophia – Peace Through Wisdom” on the cover of Burl and Merry Hall’s recent book “Sophia’s Web”, available on Amazon

More than a revelation of Sophia as Divine Source and container of all, the authors offer a clear elucidation of a new paradigm of reality, utilising both science and spirituality: “We are all a unity in the Godhead”

Now is the time (there is no other) to realise our God-conciousness as children of Mother Nature and to rally in defence of Gaia, the great nurturer, her Self in need of nurturing as never before

The urgency of this call so lucidly articulated by Burl Hall cannot be over-stated: it is beyond critical to fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run in what is literally a race we must win to ensure not only  a peaceable but a survivable environment, not only for ourselves but also for generations as yet unborn…

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