Draw Yourself a Tree

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Tree of lifeThis book has now been reprinted in colour and extended to offer you an insight into the symbolism of trees and what is revealed when you draw one…

The Tree is one of those universal objects termed an ‘archetype’ by Carl Jung:

“…as the mind explores the symbol, it leads to ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason…there are innumerable things beyond the range of human understanding, we constantly use symbolic terms to represent concepts that we cannot define or fully comprehend…Archetypes are without known origin, they reproduce themselves at any time or in any part of the world…”
– Carl G. Jung

As with all symbols, care must be taken with interpretation as different life experiences give rise to unique meanings. This will give you a starting point for a fascinating journey of self discovery – and the chance to share its messages with your friends or clients as appropriate.

If you were to draw a number of trees in your life each would have a different message together with common characteristics which may depict your basic nature. I have found these concepts most helpful in art workshops over the years and a doorway for people to realise the unknown power of their inner wisdom and creativity.

Draw Yourself a Tree takes you through the process and practice of creating your own archetypal tree image. Once you start working with the basic principles of the process you will find your own natural way forward.

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